Abp. Viganò: World Health Organization treaty is an attack on national sovereignty, part of a «global coup»

dvoz1In the coming days, the Nations that adhere to the World Health Organization (WHO) will vote on resolutions regarding the WHO’s management of pandemics. These resolutions will transfer sovereignty regarding the health of citizens to a supranational body that is largely financed by the pharmaceutical industry and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

If these resolutions are approved by a majority, the WHO will have exclusive international authority in the case of a pandemic to impose all the rules, including quarantines, lockdowns, obligatory vaccinations, and vaccine passports. It should also be borne in mind that this organization enjoys immunity, and thus its members cannot be either tried or convicted if they commit crimes. Unelected technocrats will paradoxically have more power than that which citizens confer on their representatives by means of their democratic vote.


MindSpace, Psyops, and Cognitive Warfare: Winning the Battle for the Mind

The lastnlp1 two years have seen a culmination of a nearly century-long effort to perfect social engineering and psychological warfare techniques in the Western world. Some observers have remarked that a significant portion of the population appears to be under a spell. They may be closer to the truth than they think.

As previously reported by The Guardian and The UK Column, governments across the Western world—especially among the Five Eyes—have been using “Nudge Theory” and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to effectively change people’s behaviors without their conscious knowledge.


Op de Veluwe woonden eens misschien wel honderdduizend Russen en Oekraïners

vdv1Op de Veluwe woonden in de prehistorie misschien wel honderdduizend mensen, afkomstig uit het huidige Rusland en Oekraïne. Dat blijkt uit een onderzoek naar grafheuvels in het natuurgebied, dat nieuw licht werpt op wie onze voorouders waren.

Dolenthousiast is de Leidse archeoloog Quentin Bourgeois over wat hij vindt tijdens zijn onderzoek naar grafheuvels op de Veluwe. Met behulp van de nieuwste technologie ontdekt hij met zijn team al sinds mei grafheuvel na grafheuvel. Dachten we voorheen dat op de Veluwe zo’n 500 tot 750 grafheuvels lagen, Bourgeois verwacht uiteindelijk het dubbele aantal te kunnen noteren. Misschien zelfs 2.000. Ze dateren van pakweg 2800 tot 1000 jaar voor Christus. En ze blijken opgeworpen te zijn door migranten die vanaf de Russische steppe hierheen trokken.

The Drought 

zash1On October 23, 2007, some top level officials of the US government appealed to me for help in stemming the raging fires devastating California.

The situation was absolutely out of control. In order to combat the natural disaster they had mustered all their available technical equipment, as well as the National Guard—with almost zero results. Natural calamities of this magnitude cannot be controlled even by such technically developed and affluent countries as the USA.

And this is yet another demonstration that the technocratic path of development is not a panacea for everything, especially where natural disasters are concerned. It is possible to quench small fires with the help of all that technical equipment; but if tens of thousands of acres of forest, undergrowth, bushes and prairies flare up simultaneously, the use of even the best technical resources is futile.


A reply to skeptic’s smear attack

rssaIn February 1999, the New York journal "Skeptic" published an article under quite a designing name "Another Alt Med Tragedy". The author of the article is a Michael Shermer. His article and Barbara G. Koopman's answer are below. 

Another Alt Med Tragedy
From: Skeptic Mag Hotline
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 12:03:07 –0800
Subject: Strange Science/Alt Med Tragedy
Another Alt Med Tragedy

In the next couple of months CBS's Unsolved Mysteries will be airing a program on a "Russian Psychic Healer" named Nicolai Levashov, who claims he has created medical miracles and that "the results have mystified the very doctors who had written their patients off as incurable," according to the pre- production report given to me by the producers of this segment.


Genocide: visible and invisible

zngBy Nicolai Levashov

It so happens that the modern interpretation of the word "genocide" is the physical elimination of one people by another for very different reasons which can be racial, national or religious. The World Mass Media do their best to portray genocide, in a way everyone understands, as a situation when some bad people come and cut the throats of all in sight: children, women and old men. Certainly, these actions are undoubtedly genocide, but this is not the only way that people and even whole nations can be exterminated in great numbers. Today’s modern mass media hysterically shouts about it all over the world, so that involuntarily a question arises: why is this hysteria about real and invented genocides of the past being organized exactly now?

They yell about many old and recent genocides but nobody has even mentioned the genocide of the Russian people, which is really strange if we take into account the scale of genocide through which Russians had to go in the past.


Taming the Intractables: How to Make Hurricanes Behave

by Nicolai Levashov

ust1Since the dawn of history, mankind has always quailed helplessly before the elemental forces of nature. For at least the past ten millennia, history depicts us as either worshipping these formidable forces or viewing them as the work of wrathful gods – raining down retribution upon their awestruck and trembling flock.

The rise of technology has helped us little in this regard, other than giving us tools to observe their origin and behavior. By means of seismological tools we can now, more or less precisely, track the origin, trajectory and force of earthquakes – and dodge them if we are lucky.

Satellites give us similar data and warning about ocean storms – and at least a chance to escape. The same is true of other natural disasters, such as flooding, droughts, and forest and steppe fires. (Our measures to fight the latter are deemed successful only if the fire is not really heavy).

Our struggle against natural disasters and whatever successes we achieve require huge human and technical resources and the outlay of sizeable amounts of money.


The Last Night of Svarog

by Nicolai Levashov

lnofs1Before dwelling on the last Night of Svarog, I would like to make some observations. Unfortunately, certain groups of scientists have been imposing, even on the Russian people, the idea that the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas as well as the Book of Veles are a fake.

Also, and this is very unpleasant, modern «science» denies fervently everything related to the Book of Veles, even the photograph of a small plank done by Mirolyubov in 1942 (there were no computers with their unbelievable possibilities then, and it was simply impossible to create a fake of this level). The most staggering thing is that this “denial” is observed mostly in Russia. Moreover, precisely in Russia a lot of “scientists” attack the Book of Veles the most aggressive way. Abroad the existence of this document is simply hushed up.

What is the reason for this concealment?

The answer is rather simple. The Book of Veles reflects the past of the Slavs for a period of more than 20,000 years!


The untold history of Russia

The untold history of RussiaBy Nicolai Levashov

Part II

(Some extracts from the book «Russian History Viewed through Distorted Mirrors»)

Peter the Great, the third tsar of the Romanovs’ dynasty is identified as «The Great» in the history of the Great Russian People. «Great» is a very significant word. What were those «great deeds» that Piotr Alekseevich Romanov (1672-1725) did to earn such a famous name in the history?!

«With other European people it is possible to achieve an aim using humane methods, and with Russians it is not... I have to work with non-humans, with animals, whom I want to transform into humans» this Peter’s I documented phrase shows clearly his attitude toward the Russian people1.


The untold history of Russia

The untold history of Russiaby Nicolai Levashov

Part I

(Some extracts from the book «Russian History Viewed through Distorted Mirrors»)

Russia is a unique country, unique in every aspect. Take, for instance, the name of the country and ... you can discover quite a sizeable layer of the information unknown to the majority of inhabitants of Russia. Moreover, they even do not have a slightest idea of its existence.

The name of the country – Russia – is descended from other word – «Russea» which in turn was formed from «Russenia»1. Russenia was the part of an ancient Slavonic-Aryan Empire2 and occupied the territory west of the Riphean (the Ural) Mountains.

The land to the east of the Urals up to the Pacific Ocean and further from the Russian North (called Lukomorie) to the Central India was called as the Land of Holy Race3 (pronounced in Russian as «Sviata Rasa»). Foreigners named this country differently.


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