Genocide: visible and invisible

zngBy Nicolai Levashov

It so happens that the modern interpretation of the word "genocide" is the physical elimination of one people by another for very different reasons which can be racial, national or religious. The World Mass Media do their best to portray genocide, in a way everyone understands, as a situation when some bad people come and cut the throats of all in sight: children, women and old men. Certainly, these actions are undoubtedly genocide, but this is not the only way that people and even whole nations can be exterminated in great numbers. Today’s modern mass media hysterically shouts about it all over the world, so that involuntarily a question arises: why is this hysteria about real and invented genocides of the past being organized exactly now?

They yell about many old and recent genocides but nobody has even mentioned the genocide of the Russian people, which is really strange if we take into account the scale of genocide through which Russians had to go in the past.

We have only to remember that during the "voluntary" Christening of Kievan Rus into the Greek religion in 6496 (according to Slavonic-Aryan chronology or 988 A.D.) organized by Vladimir the Bloody, a pseudo-Russian prince, more than seventy percent of the population, almost all adults, was exterminated! God’s "blessing" completely depopulated the country.

So, if we ask the question: "what God can "bless" this way?" we will have a logical answer: "Obviously not the Slavs’ one". Moreover, if we bind this event with another one — the elimination of the parasitic state created by Israelites — the Khazar Khaganate — by the Kievan prince Svetoslav in 6472 (or 964 A.D.), then it becomes absolutely clear who stood behind this genocide of the Russian people and which God "blessed" them to death — the Judaic God Jehovah! It was exactly this God which the followers of the "Greek" religion, which later gradually turned into Christianity, worshipped.

The genocide of the Russian population during the "christening" of Kievan Rus was of such magnitude that the country turned into a desert. Before the "christening" more than 300 cities were located on the territory of Kievan Rus (more than in the whole of Europe), and only one tenth survived Jehovah’s "blessing", which means that 270 cities became desolated and ceased to exist. This was the "enlightening" which the Russian people of Kievan Rus received from the God Jehovah. In fact, the christening was just a cover to organize the genocide which was actually revenge for the elimination of the parasitic state created by the Israelites, the base being the Khazar Khaganate.

They took their revenge because their plans to impose their power over Midgard-earth were foiled: the parasitic state had already stretched its tentacles in the form of trading posts through the then whole civilized World from China in the East to England in the West, from the Scandinavian countries in the north to Egypt in the South! Everywhere their trading posts became the centres of Coups D’etat when the legal rulers were overturned and replaced by puppets which were perfectly suited for putting the plans of the parasitic system into practice. It was exactly after the dethroning of the ruling dynasty of the Ruses-Merovingians from 7th to 8th centuries A.D. the religion of slaves, which up to the 12th century was called the Greek religion, was actively imposed upon Europe. Any country on which it was thrust submerged into obscurantism and Darkness, the apogee of which became the Inquisition in European Catholic countries. The prosperity and enlightenment of the so-called "Dark" Ages was replaced by the ignorance and poverty of the Middle Ages when not only the rank and file habitants of Western Europe but also its nobility were almost all illiterate!

By the beginning of the Night of Svarog Western Europe had almost fully submerged in the Darkness which the God Jehovah brought to his worshipers. The Torah clearly says about that:


  1.  For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Light of the LORD shall shine upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.[1]


Indeed, the whole of Western Europe submerged into the Darkness just as the God Jehovah promised the Goyim! But the rebellious Kievan Rus with the prince Svetoslav at the head destroyed the parasitic statethe Khazar Khaganate which the God Jehovah’s chosen servants-slaves had industriously created and thus frustrated the first "divine" plan on the enslavement of Midgard-earth. Jehovah’s revenge did not wait long: Kievan Rus was shaken by the earlier Orange Revolution in Persia and Western Europe. Supplemented with deception and gold it allowed a pseudo-prince Vladimir the Bloody to take the Kievan throne, and the first genocide of the Russian People (after the planetary catastrophe) began in complete accordance with the Torah:


  1.  For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.[2]


So, the elimination of more than 70% of the population of Kievan Rus (9 out of 12 million) is pure genocide executed in total accordance with the God Jehovah’s requirements, and "christening" into the Greek religion was just a pretext! In order to be sure of the correctness of this statement it is enough to compare similar processes in other European countries which had received the "holy" faith before. There are no documents and facts which would show that the process of their "christening" was accompanied by such a horrific amount of human victims. Certainly, the imposing of the religion of "love, justice and humility" was not a bloodless process in any European country, but none of them endured massacre on such a large scale as that observed in the lands of Kievan Rus!

In order to wipe out the tracks of this crime against humanity they later invented something which in fact never existed, the "Tatar-Mongol" yoke (1243-1480) which allegedly began with the "subjugation" of Kievan Rus by Batu Khan’s horde. However, it is of interest that apparently many Russian principalities did not suffer from this invasion at all and their princes were the supporters of the "unknown" enemy which came from east. Modern history declared them betrayers and they appeared before their descendants bearing this disgraceful stigma. But is this true? The truth is that no Mongol-Tatars ever existed and do not exist now! The word "Mogol" is of Greek origin and means "Great" and has nothing to do with a self-name of any people or nationality! The state of Mongolia only appeared in the 20th century, in the Thirties, when the nomads who lived in the Gobi desert were visited by the Bolshevists which informed them that they were the descendants of the great Mongols and their "compatriot" Genghis Khan created the once Great Empire; the nomads were very surprised and happy. In modern Mongolia there are no folk epics about either the great past of this country or the great conqueror Genghis Khan, which is, by the way, a title; his name was in fact Temujin (Temur + a polite affix "jin").

He was very tall, (pay attention!), blue-eyed with very white skin, bushy reddish hair and thick beard. Does that description resemble a short nomad with narrow, slanting black eyes, bandy legs etc, and representative of the yellow race? But Genghis Khan’s Caucasian appearance is an established fact which is well known to modern historians. Nevertheless, all "historical" films and textbooks depict Genghis Khan as a representative of the yellow race or, as modern scientists call it now, mongoloid race.

A question arises: who needs the falsified invention of the Mongol-Tatar yoke and why? Obviously not those who worry about the Great past of the Russian people, but its enemies!

In fact the Ruses made up more than seventy percent of the "Mongol-Tatar" horde (the Old-Russian word for "army"). Moreover, then from 70 to 80% of the population of Great Tartary (as it was called in the West) or Great Asia [Asia] or Great Rasenia (as our ancestors called it) consisted of Slavs! The rest, of the 20 to 30%, was formed by numerous small populations of the Vedic Slavonic-Aryan Empire on the lands in which they lived. The Turkic people were among those too: our ancestors gave refuge to them since their tribes were persecuted and destroyed in their Motherland within the limits of Ancient China. But this is the story of another day.

So, not only was Genghis Khan a Rus, but also the overwhelming majority of the warriors of his horde (army) were Slavs-Aryans. The lands of so-called Kievan Rus broke away from the Vedic Empire at the end of the 9th – beginning of the 10th century A.D. when the apostates, Ruses-Varangians, Oskold and Dir, the so-called Black Knights, took power in Kiev. So, the Russian horde (the Vedic Slavonic-Aryan Empire’s regular army) came to re-establish the ancient traditions and prevent the penetration of parasitism in Russian lands.

They just destroyed the princes, who had betrayed their people and the ancestral traditions for the sake of personal profit and power, and that was it! Certainly, battles occurred and people died in the civil war between the Ruses who remained faithful to the Vedic traditions and those who had already become slaves of the so-called Greek religion. Regrettably, our ancestors made a mistake: their tolerance toward any belief and religion became their "Achilles' heel" of which social parasites took advantage. They took everything into account very well! They did not care whether their protégées would be destroyed; the most important thing for them was the fact that the social weapon, the religion of spiritual slaves, which they had created, became entrenched on the lands of the White race. That which had already happened in Western Europe gave them the hope that their methods which had worked perfectly on the lands populated, mostly, by the descendants of outcasts would also work perfectly on the lands of the Goyim!

In fact, derelicts always appear exactly in the midst of the goyim and during a Night of Svarog their numbers always increase. The parasites counted on precisely this! There was no place for derelicts in the Vedic environment and they were banished from it. So, the religion of slaves gave them opportunity to become the so-called “fifth column” amidst their own people. The social parasites had only to support such people with money through the religion of spiritual slavery and to give some additional external support and everything went quite smoothly. It was precisely the way the social parasites succeeded in cutting a pretty huge piece from the Vedic Slavonic-Aryan Empire in the 4th century A.D. when Constantine agreed to make the cult of Osiris-Attis-Adonis-Dionysius-Christ a state religion in exchange for their support when usurping the power. So, this was how the Byzantine Empire appeared. Constantine got absolute power and the high priests received a legalized religion of spiritual slavery which was called the cult of Dionysius or the "Greek" religion within the bounds of the Byzantine Empire. Six centuries later this social weapon penetrated the lands of Kievan Rus in 988 A.D — the year when the Night of Svarog began — or according to the Slavonic-Aryan chronology in 6498.

Thus, on releasing the Russian lands from the engendered temporal parasitic power, the horde (army) of the Vedic Empire did not touch the source of the "pest" — the alien religion. The Greek priests and their henchmen were not destroyed. Moreover, they were not even banned from Russian lands and the nightmare for the Russian people was not over but had only just begun!

Before I continue to read the list of genocides through which the Russian people went, I would like to talk about the genocide which the Western Ruses underwent and about which almost nobody says anything, although they were the tribes of the Ruses which spoke Russian and worshipped their ancestors the same way as the Ruses of Kievan Rus did. And the complete silence in Russian history, or better to say pseudo-history, on this occasion can be explained by the fact that it was written by Germans, Israelites or anybody who felt like it, but not by Russians. So, it is time to shed some light on the black pages of the past of our people.

In the so-called Middle Ages the unions of the Slavonic tribes of the Veneti and Veleti occupied the lands of Central Europe and the south coast of the Baltic (then Russian) Sea. In the 7th century their lands became the subject of claims by the German tribes which were always defeated in open battle. The leaders of the German tribes from Gallia and the high priests of the religion of spiritual slavery behind them had already seen these lands as theirs in their dreams and began to set these two huge Slavonic unions against each other using lies, forgery, etc. At the same time the Germans periodically took the side of one or another union of Western Ruses. As a result of these fratricidal wars both unions were so weakened by the end of the 9th – beginning of the 10th century A.D. that former "friends" cut out almost all the Veneti and the greater part of the Veleti, which also were called the Polabian Slavs. Hundreds of thousands of old men, women, and children were killed during this bloody carnage. It was true genocide and all of them were Ruses! Only some of the Veleti (or Polabian Slavs) managed to survive. Later they were called the Liti, and much later — the Lithuanians.

After that many Russian cities became German ones and changed their names. For example, the Russian city of Berlo turned into German Berlin[3]. Few know now that the word "ber" [bear] is an ancient Russian word and one of the names of a predatory animal, another name of which is "medved"[4]. The two words were used in Russian simultaneously, but then the word "ber" was withdrawn from the use and the "reformers" thought that the job was done. However, the substitution appeared to be incomplete. The bear’s lair in Russian is a compound word "berloga" (the lair (logovo) of the ber = ber+log+a). Following the linguistic logic and Russian word formation, the place of hibernation of a medved should be medvedloga, but there is no such word in Russian. Medved hibernates in a berloga. Regrettably, almost nobody takes any notice of such a discrepancy.

Modern history passes over in silence the genocide of the Slavonic tribes of the Veneti and Veleti by German tribes, as the basis of Russian history was written exactly by Germans and certainly, they were unwilling to report about the bloody deeds of their ancient countrymen. The Sarmatians of Normandy and other Slavonic tribes of Western Europe were wiped out likewise, and nobody uttered a single word about the bloody crimes of the past when the Slavonic-Russian tribes were cut out to the last man. Nobody mentions the Slavonic-Russian lands of Western and Central Europe at all, although right up until now the archaeologists are discovering Slavonic tracks everywhere, they have to dig slightly deeper!

The Slavs never killed children, old men and women of any enemies which came to Russian lands. The only ones who were destroyed were those who came with weapons! Certainly, there were degenerates and scum among Slavs too, but their number was always small. They were an exception and were excluded from Slavonic-Aryan society and thus re-manned the ranks of the outcasts and derelicts. But Russian people never destroyed a single people which lived on Russian lands; unlike the foreign rulers, which often governed our Motherland in the past, who inundated our land with rivers of Russian blood, and every single time the whole world calmly observed the slaughter. Nobody ever raised a clamour about the genocide of the Russian people!

In fact, the "history" of Russian people is quite peculiar. It calls Tsar Ivan the Terrible[5] (1530-1584) who did a lot for the strengthening of the state and expanded its boundaries a bloody despot because fifteen thousand persons were killed during his rule[6]. To the contrary, Peter I is declared the Great, because he returned the lands which the state lost during the Time of Troubles[7]. However, during 53 years of his life (1672-1725) and 43 of his rule the population of the country decreased by two million out of eighteen. In other words, at the moment of his death the population of the country was sixteen million persons. It would seem that there is no reason to pay so much attention to this fact. Yes, the population decreased by two million. So, what? Why make a fuss about it? Let me tell you why.

The matter is how to present this information. The decreasing of the population of the country during the 43 years of Peter Alekseevich Romanov’s rule by two million is undoubtedly a fact! The figure itself is enormous, especially then, which also for "some" reason escapes the attention of the "historians". And here is why:

Firstly, a lot of people, mainly Slavs, lived on the lands which Peter returned to Russia, which means that people which lived on the annexed territories would have increased the population of Peter’s state. And this means that at least several million should be added to the initial eighteen million. Certainly, we should take into account the human losses in these wars and the dead of natural causes during 43 years of his rule. But for all this, the population of the annexed territories was more than two million, which means that the population of Peter’s state at least should not have decreased.

Secondly, the peasant family (and not only) of those times usually had ten or twelve children six or eight of which managed to live to maturity. Two generations grew up during the forty three years of Peter’s rule. This means that the natural growth of the population must have resulted in at least its doubling! Thus, the number of citizens of the country at the moment of Peter’s death should have been no less than thirty six million plus the population of the annexed territories! In other words, the population of the state after Peter’s death should have been about forty million, at the very least! And what we have in reality? Peter left only sixteen million citizens for the country!

Thus, Moscovite Tartary lost 40 million – 16 million = 24 million citizens during Peter’s, correctly saying pseudo-Peter’s, rule! Here is what in reality stands behind a modest report: "the population of the state decreased from eighteen million to sixteen during Peter’s I rule"! Here is what hides in reality behind the phrase "the population of the state decreased by two million persons"! It is undoubtedly a very clever way to hide the real state of affairs.

Here are some more facts about Peter I.

When the Great Embassy[8], during which the real Peter I was replaced with a substitute who did not even resemble him much, returned to Moscow the latter began a storm of activity which was not directed toward the good of the Russian people, rather to the contrary. Pseudo-Peter introduced the Julian calendar in the lands of Moscow Tartary. As a result of which 7208 of the Slavonic-Aryan chronology[9] turned into 1700 A.D. and thus, with a stroke of a pen, Russian people were deprived of 5508 years of their history. Moreover, as I said before, from 1700 to 1725 A.D. the population of Moscow Tartary decreased by more than twenty million and the country sank into abject poverty. Besides, pseudo-Peter treated Russians with undisguised contempt which is absolutely clear from his own "winged" phrases. Here is one which is "eloquent" enough to show his attitude toward the Russian people:

«It is possible to achieve an aim with other Europeans, using humane methods, which is impossible to do with Russians... I have to deal with non-humans, with animals, whom I want to transform into humans…»!

This is how the Head of State speaks of his people! And the creators of "Russian" history call such a man who despised and hated the people of the country and destroyed more than twenty million of its inhabitants, “the Great”! But the "fathers" of "Russian" history — all of them German, Dutchmen, — declared Ivan IV (the Terrible), who indeed did a lot to strengthen and expand the state and executed fifteen thousand, mainly from the nobility which betrayed the interests of the country, a bloody despot.

The elimination of more than twenty million is all right and the elimination of fifteen thousand is the act of a mad person. Ivan IV killed his eldest son who had betrayed him and the interests of the state and this is a deed of a crazy despot. Pseudo-Peter killed the son of the real Peter from Evdokia Lopukhina, nobody calls that an act of a mad person, but a pure defense of the interests of the state. Allegedly, the Tsarevitch Alexei secretly negotiated with the Turks! It is also of interest that pseudo-Peter sent "his" wife, a daughter of the noble boyar Feodor Lopukhin, to a monastery immediately after his return from the Great Embassy without even meeting his heir’s mother! This is the behaviour of a person who is afraid to be unmasked and is a serious fact which confirms the substitution of the real Peter!

Thus, the Tsarevitch Alexei’s murder acquires quite another meaning: pseudo-Peter did not want any legal successors taking the Muscovy throne. He also changed the law on succession to the throne, as a result of which not only the "traitor", Tsarevitch Alexei, himself but also his son were deprived of their right to the throne. After pseudo-Peter’s death in 1725 the Russian throne was occupied by his wife Catherine I, whose way of life is pretty well known and who had absolutely nothing to do with the Muscovy throne.

Doesn’t the "Russian" historians’ approach seem a bit strange? When pseudo-Peter wipes out more than twenty million Russian people, ruins the country, imposes serfdom, murders the legal heir, etc, they declare his crimes "great" acts of a "great" ruler, and Ivan IV is declared a mad bloody despot because he executed fifteen thousand and murdered his son.

Both cases show the murder of the son, the heir to the throne, but in one case it is explained as political necessity and higher interests of the state, and in another — as the act of a madman. In one case the elimination of more than twenty million of the population of the country is a state necessity, and the execution fifteen thousands of internal enemies and betrayers is the despotism of a madman.

Everything falls into place when we estimate who took advantage of pseudo-Peter’s actions and who Ivan’s actions impeded, and why. The actions of the latter led to the strengthening of the Muscovite state, while pseudo-Peter’s actions strengthened Western Europe and its owners and at the same time weakened the Russian state. Exactly this is the reason for such opposite estimations of these two persons. The defeat of the Swedish army by pseudo-Peter resulted in the considerable strengthening of Western European countries and the simultaneous considerable weakening of the Moscovite state. His reforms resulted in the economic lag of Muscovy which soon manifested in its weakness during the Russian-Turkish wars and lasted up to the second half of the 18th century.

So, it turns out that the "Russian historians” glorified pseudo-Peter for exactly this – the genocide of the Russian people, destruction of the economy of the country and creation of a retarded social organism – the serfdom which all Western Europe had rejected. The "window" which he cut through to Europe did not return the marine power, which it had as early as the 10th century A.D, to the Russian state. In fact, in the so-called Dark Ages the Baltic Sea was called the Russian sea and it, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean was fully controlled by Russian merchants and protected by Russian battle ships! So, the pseudo-Peter’s "window" into Europe was only a tiny shred of what the Russian state had in Europe before and what was lost after the violent imposing of the Greek religion upon the Ruses!

Certainly, better to have something than nothing at all, but what a terrible price was paid for that! At the same time Muscovite Tartary (Peter’s Russia) did not profit from the results of the victory over the Swedes, unlike Western Europe which just calmly waited until the fruits of this victory from the generously shed blood of Russian warriors fell into their "hands".

So, we can see a very odd tendency: the "Russian" historians eulogize everything and everyone that resulted in the elimination and enslavement of Russian people, the destruction of its unity and call what are frankly crimes against our Motherland "Great deeds" and the greatest criminals "holy people"! Like they did in regard to the Kievan kniaz Vladimir the Baptist — Vladimir the Bloody: both the "Russian" historians and the Christian priests made a "national hero" and a "saint" of him! Pseudo-Peter was given the same honour. However, another question arises: of which people are they national heroes and saints? There is at least one answer — obviously not the Russian people! Vladimir the Bloody was a pure Israelite and pseudo-Peter was a Vatican protégé!

Moreover, the "Russian" historians concealed the fact that Muscovite Tartary absorbed the Vedic Russian Empire after the latter lost the fratricidal civil war of 1772-1775 which is presented in modern Russian "history" as the suppression of Emelian Pugachev’s revolt by the troops of Catherine II.

At the same time there is no exact information about the number of dead in this fratricidal war, especially on the side of the Vedic Russian Empire. Although, it is known when the new dynasty won over the old (Vedic) dynasty, Catherine’s punitive troops thoroughly "cleaned up" the population, especially the Cossack settlements. А.S. Pushkin, the great Russian poet and writer tried to lift the curtain of silence about that in his novel "The Captain's Daughter", but the second volume of the book never saw the light of day. Probably, he did not risk telling the whole truth of what he succeeded in "digging out" during his journeys to Siberia. And was the defense of the honour of his wife the only reason for his death in that duel? It is highly likely that if it were not for that pretext, tens of others would have been found to achieve the same result, as what he succeeded in finding out probably became his death sentence.

The 19th century was not an exception for Russians. The Patriotic War of 1812 became the most remarkable event of the first quarter of the century. At the beginning of the new century a bright star, one Napoleon Bonaparte appeared on the European skyline, unexpectedly for all. He was a native of the island of Corsica and had many talents and even more ambitions but absolutely empty pockets. However, as if with the wave of a magic wand, almost unlimited finances appeared from nowhere which, together with his natural talents, allowed him to become the Emperor of France in 1804. Not bad for a Corsican from a modest family! However, there is an enigma in all this story – who stood behind him and who raised him onto the Emperor's throne of France? In fact, it is a secret only on the face of it...

Napoleon created a 500 thousand strong French army and proceeded to the conquest of Europe. By 1812 almost all Europe was at his feet and he turned his gaze on Russia. His enormous army, which was reinforced by soldiers of the subdued countries, invaded Russia. Like a road-roller, it rolled along the Smolensk road to Moscow, entered the capital which the Russian army had abandoned and soon rolled back along the same road which they had previously plundered. The Russian army went on the offensive and after a number of momentous victories, entered Paris on March 19 (31), 1814! I think that there is no need to say that the Russian army battled all the way from Moscow to Paris and generously drenched it with the blood of Russian soldiers. The Russians lost 210 thousand soldiers, and general total human losses were about 550 thousand, which I think is incomplete data. Regrettably, the Patriotic War of 1812 was not the only one which castigated Russia. In fact, the whole of the 19th century was a century of continuous wars, so that the total losses of Russian people were more than considerable then too.

Again, the victory over Napoleon was the victory of, foremost, the Russian people and Russian weaponry, no matter what Western politicians say. If it were not for the defeat of Napoleon’s 450-thousand strong army, only 200 thousand of which were French, Europe would have been a piece of Napoleon’s Empire with all the effluent consequences. Nevertheless, 30 thousand Austrian and 20 thousand Prussian corpses had participated in attacking Russia; Germans, Italians, Poles and Dutchmen took part in the long hike too; and even Spaniards were mobilized by force! It is of interest that only the Spaniards were forced to take part in the war, which means that Germans, Prussians, Austrians, Italians, Poles and Dutchmen participated in attacking Russia voluntarily!

So, it was genuinely the whole of Western Europe against Russia. Nevertheless, Russia won this war, but again everyone but Russia took advantage of the results of this victory. On threatening to begin a new war in Europe, Great Britain took the Maltese islands which should have passed to the Russian Empire after Napoleon’s Empire fell. But on having the Maltese islands, Great Britain did not calm down and stood behind Turkey in the Russian-Turkish wars, and when Turkey was defeated and Constantinople was almost in the hands of the Russian army, it interfered again threatening Russia with the beginning of military operations, if Russia completed the defeat of the Turkish Empire.

Thus, it was mostly Great Britain that took the advantage of the victory over Napoleon. It did its best to re-direct Napoleon to the east, to Russia, instead of his crossing the English Channel to take England, because he planned to do exactly this. Napoleon and the Russian Tsar Paul I signed mutual agreements on this occasion. But Paul I "unexpectedly" died as a result of the Coup D’etat in which his eldest son, the future Alexander I, took an active part. This appeared to be very handy for England, as the Russian-French union broke up and Napoleon turned his Army against Russia. So, it is clear who stood behind the palace revolution and Paul’s I murder.

Well, history repeated itself: Western Europe, mostly Great Britain, reaped the fruits of the victory of the Russian weapon over Sweden in the pseudo-Peter’s time and it did the same in the 19th century, appropriating the victory over Napoleon. In the 18th century a similar thing had became possible after the substitution of the real Peter I during the Great Embassy, in the 19th century it became possible after the coup D’etat in Russia and Paul’s I murder.

But all that was nothing in comparison with what the Dark Forces prepared for the Russian Empire in the 20th century which became the bloodiest century for the Russians. Certainly, the madness of this time touched other people of the Russian Empire, but the main blow was inflicted on three Slavonic brotherly people — Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians!

The Russian-Japanese war was the first act of this bloody play. It began on February, 8 1904 when the Japanese attacked Port-Arthur and was over on July, 27 1905. Many know that but few are aware that the American multimillionaire Jacob Shiff gave 200 million USD to Japan for its waging of this offensive.

Also few know that Japan was in fact defeated, but when the situation became extremely critical for the Japanese, Jacob Shiff organized in Moscow and several other important cities of European Russia the First "Russian" revolution of 1905-1907. His agent in the Russian government — Sergey Yulievich Witte, a member of the State Council and the former Finance Minister of the Russian Empire — succeeded in convincing Russian Tsar Nicolai II to sign a disgraceful, for Russia, peace treaty when Japan was on verge of total defeat despite Jacob Shiff’s financial help. It was precisely the First "Russian" revolution which was Witte’s deciding argument which helped him to intimidate the Tsar, an uncertain person who poorly understood geopolitical questions.

Due to the actual defeat of Japan the Russian Empire avoided a long and highly unsuitable, in every respect, war in the Far East. But Jacob Shiff and Co. did not calm down, but on the contrary became very anxious, even more so especially when the Russian Empire underwent an unprecedented economic growth after the Russian-Japanese war. In 1914 it was dragged into a new war which soon became World War I. Jacob Shiff and Co. stood behind the murder of the Crown-prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Serbia. The World War gradually turned into the First "Russian" February revolution and then into the Second "Russian" revolution on which Jacob Shiff generously lavished another 200 million US dollars appointing his distant relative — Leon Trotsky (Leiba Bronstein) — in charge of the money.

By the beginning of the World War I the population of the Russian Empire was one hundred and thirty million persons. For the sake of comparison: 100 million lived then in China. After World War I, two revolutions and the Civil War Soviet Russia "inherited" one hundred million. So, we clearly see a rather significant decrease in the population instead of its growth. During that "Time of Troubles" in the 20th century Russia lost thirty million persons! And this is just direct losses – nobody counted the unborn children from this thirty million, and then the unborn children of those children, etc. The overwhelming majority of this thirty million were Slavs, a triune people — Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians! The Bund-Bolshevists which took power in the country using Jacob Shiff’s money almost fully exterminated the Russian aristocracy, Russian officers, Russian merchants and Russian industrialists!

They wiped out the flower of the nation, the strong people of Russia and other native people of the Russian Empire! They did that in absolute compliance with the orders of the Torah:

  1.  Wherein the king granted the Jews which were in every city to gather themselves together, and to stand for their life, to destroy, to slay and to cause to perish, all the power of the people and province that would assault them, both little ones and women, and to take the spoil of them for a prey…[10]

At that the transmitters of the "just" future did not hide at all what future they were going to bring to the Russian and other native people of the Russian Empire: 

«We must turn Russia into a desert inhabited by white Negroes upon which we will impose a tyranny of a kind which the cruelest despots of the East never dreamed. The only difference is that this tyranny will be not from the right, but from the left and not the white one, but the red, because we will shed such floods of blood that all the human losses of the capitalist wars will pale into insignificance. The most important transoceanic bankers will work in the most intimate contact with us.

If we win the revolution and squash Russia, we will establish the power of Zionism on its funeral wreckage and will become the kind of force to which the whole world kneels. We will show what real power is! We will bring the Russian intelligentsia to complete idiocy, to an animal state by means of terror and blood baths... For the time being, our youngsters in leather jackets, the watchmakers’ sons from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa! Oh, how splendidly and delightfully they are able to hate everything Russian! With what pleasure they destroy the Russian intelligentsia: officers, engineers, teachers, academicians, writers...»[11]

Leiba Davidivich Bronstein (Trotsky), the leader and the creator of the Red Guard and later the Red Army, the Peoples War and Navy Commissioner, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Councel.

Leiba, Jacob Shiff’s main representative, clearly expressed the main aim of the patrons of the "Russian" revolution and what fate they had prepared for Russian and other native people of the Russian Empire. Regrettably, their words totally coincided with their deeds. When on June 20, 1918 the Israelite Leonid Ioakimovich Kanegieser killed another Israelite Moisei Solomonovich Uritsky in Petersburg, the Israelite Vladimir Illyich Lenin (Blanc) proclaimed the Red Terror. One hundred thousand Russian officers were shot to revenge the Israelite Uritsky’s murder. And this was just the beginning! Is not it odd? One Israelite kills another Israelite, and one hundred thousand Russian officers — not one hundred thousand Israelites, but precisely one hundred thousand Russian officers were slaughtered! It is a very perverted "logic" if we try to find any logic at all in the actions of those degenerates! In reality the "liberators" of the Russian people just needed a more or less plausible pretext to start destroying the Russian Empire’s cream of the cream! They certainly found this pretext and provided a broad propaganda in the necessary direction passing the fact of who really killed one of the bloodiest despots of the revolution over in silence. So, they declared the murder of the "prominent fighter" for liberation of the Russian people Israelite Uritsky the counter-revolution and the wheels of the Red Terror against the Russian people and its elite started spinning up, beginning with the massacre of one hundred thousand Russian officers!

As a result, millions of persons who had absolutely nothing to do either with the revolution or with the counter-revolution were slaughtered in cold blood! The flower of the nation, the best people of Russian and other native people were meticulously and mercilessly exterminated. It was exactly during the Civil War (1918-1923) when Lenin and Kaganovich initiated the creation of the death camps in Soviet Russia where all classes of the "old" society were cut at the roots, except for workers and peasants. But this was just the first stage of mass genocide. When the Bolshevists had done with the "exploiters", the peasantry became the next.

The temporal lure for peasants in the form of free land for every peasant family according to the number of eaters did not need any other inducement. On giving the land to the peasants of which the overwhelming majority of the country consisted, the Bolshevists got their support in the Civil War, without which they would never won it. So, as they say "the Moor has done his duty, the Moor may go". Only in this case the Moor was the peasantry of the Russian Empire.

At the end of the Twenties beginning of the Thirties the collectivization began. In 1927 the XV congress of the Communist Party adopted a resolution about it. The suggestion to create "voluntary" collective farms again came from the comrade Lazarus Moiseevich Kaganovich. But the peasants for "some" reason did not hurry in this socialistic slavery to give back the land which they had recently got in personal property.

Then the new power decided to increase their "proletarian" consciousness and five million of the economically strongest peasant farms were declared kulak (that is a class enemy of poorer peasants), which comprised several million persons, because then the average number of children in a family was 7 or 9. So, now the strong and independent peasantry was sent to Siberia right after the aristocracy and landed gentry. Again, people were literally thrown in the middle of the virgin taiga without warm clothes and just several shovels, axes and saws for the whole echelon. Those who could dig a dug-out got a chance to survive during the long and frosty Siberian winter, those who could not do that died at once. Those who did not die of cold often died of hunger, because far from everybody could find food in the taiga, especially without having any hunting equipment and skills. So, few survived the first winter. But even these actions were unable to break the peasantry. Not many were scared enough to "voluntarily" join the collective farms; the majority of the peasants continued to show their class "backwardness"!

They did not want to give their land back (and were absolutely right, as the future showed). They refused to give their horses, cows and sheep into the collective farms where almost nothing belonged to them and where they turned into powerless slaves. Soviet slavery was so harsh that the relatively recent serfdom would seem like nothing in comparison with it!

Well, the Soviet government resolved this problem very simply. It sent detachments of prodrazvyorstka (food apportionment crews) to villages which raked out everything, including seed grains, leaving nothing! They explained this action was to alleviate the hunger in towns which they had created themselves by preventing the peasants from entering the cities with the products of their labour. The Soviet government then sold the expropriated grain and other products at the New York exchange for pennies, which resulted in the American farmers throwing their grain into the ocean, because nobody wanted to pay a just price for it.

As a result of prodrazvyorstka twenty million died of hunger in the European part of the USSR! The peasants were doomed to die of hunger in the richest granaries of the Russian Empire as they were surrounded by the Red Army troops commanded by Vasily Blücher (1889-1938). The Red Army "heroically" retained the dying hungry peasants within the cordoned districts, fulfilling the order of the "people’s" power. Those who survived those horrors "voluntarily" joined the collective farms as slaves of the Soviet power in order to remain alive and save their children.

Thus, more than forty five million peasants became the victims of Soviet power which had fulfilled the next stage of the genocide in Russia! In order that nobody has any question about where this figure of more than forty five million came from, I will remind them that according to the official version, at the beginning of the collectivization five million peasant farms were dispossessed. If we take into account that at least five persons lived in each dispossessed farm, we will have more than twenty five million persons. And this is a very modest calculation, because at the beginning of the 20th century each peasant family had six or eight children!

So, the real number of dispossessed people was considerably bigger. Contrary to all possible laws, they were stripped of everything by force, as had been done to the aristocracy. In addition to twenty five million people repressed by the Soviet power we should add another twenty million peasants who died in the artificial famine. So, here is where the figure of more than forty five million people massacred in just the first ten years of Soviet power came from!

Here was how the Bund-Bolshevists together with others joined to them destroyed the majority of the most industrious and hard-working peasants of the Russian Empire. In addition to that they continued to destroy the inhabitants of the cities. They began to "work on it" thoroughly in the Thirties. They began the mass purge of their echelons both from people who finally understood that they were deceived by the next "sweet song" about justice and fraternity and from the supporters of Leiba Bronstein (Trotsky) whose owners demanded he spread the revolution on Russian bayonets which was reflected in the doctrine of the permanent revolution.

The thorough purge was executed in the Red Army too under the "guise" of charges of high treason or sabotage. As a result of that the number of victims of genocide increased by at least five million persons!

If we analyze the situation in Russia attentively, we can detect a clear tendency for the search of one or another pretext for destruction of the most active and conscious part of the population of the country. When one suitable pretext for fighting against "the enemies of people" was exhausted, another one was invented in no time in order that the conveyer belt for people’s elimination worked permanently! In the Forties it was the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) which provided its constant functioning. The country lost more than thirty million persons!

Thus, from 1914 to 1945, Russia was deprived of thirty million + forty five million + five million + thirty million — one hundred and ten million persons! If it had not been for the high birth rate of mainly, the rural population in the first half of the 20th century, Russians as the basic people of Russia would have been almost fully exterminated! Is not it a more than convincing confirmation of Leiba Bronstein’s words about the bloody despotism which would shed so much blood of the white slaves that all despotisms of the past would fade in comparison with it? Indeed! One hundred and ten million persons were destroyed over the course of thirty years of the 20th century!

I will remind once again that the majority of the massacred were Slavs, and the majority of these Slavs were Russians. Yes, certainly there were representatives of other people of the Russian Empire among those destroyed by the Bolshevists, but their number was relatively small regarding the overall population of small people and nationalities. So, there was the genocide of, mainly, Russian people then, about which nobody says a word either in modern Russia or abroad, but on the contrary, precisely the Russians are blamed for all misfortunes which happened in the USSR and Europe!

Does not it seem strange? People who suffered most of all from the socialistic bloody regime, the whole world declared guilty of it! A People, which was deprived of the flower of its nation, flower of peasantry, etc, which was undermined almost at the root, is accused of being guilty of what was done to them! And those who really created those bloody crimes against humanity call themselves victims! These are facts which are impossible to refute, no matter whether someone likes it or not. Besides, I name only direct losses. Try to picture the number, if we count up the indirect ones. It will be difficult even to imagine how much population Russia really lost then! How many children of those slaughtered (mainly, Russians) by the Soviet power were not born, and then their children, etc.

Few know that the code name for Nazi Germany’s invasion of the USSR was called "Barbarossa" which in Russian means the "Russian barbarian". But the name is not the only interesting fact. According to the plan, in the case of the victory, the German authorities planned to sterilize fifty percent of Russian population and to eliminate the rest! So, the statements which appear here and there in Russia that it would have been much better if the Germans had won are not just disgraceful and outrageous with respect to the memory of our fathers and grandfathers who gave their lives in this war, but are simply absurd: if Nazi Germany had won, the Eastern Slavs — Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians — would have disappeared long ago from the face of our planet! It is of especial interest that one and the same people stood behind Leiba Bronstein (Trotsky) and Co. and behind Nazi Germany — Jacob Shiff and Co.

Both were set the same task — the complete physical elimination of precisely the Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians, and both executed it with a fervent zeal. This kind of genocide which was organized in the 20th century against the Russian people has never happened in the past of our Midgard-earth!

When the World War II was over several million appeared in the Soviet concentration camps. The majority of them were soviet soldiers and officers who had survived the German concentration camps and who almost immediately found themselves in the Soviet ones. The people who were forcibly taken to Germany to work from the occupied territories appeared in the camps too. The following fact clearly demonstrates the attitude of the Soviet authorities toward the population of their country: the German prisoners had much better conditions in the camps than their fellow countrymen, which means that the Soviet authorities treated the soldiers of the beaten enemy which killed more than thirty million Russian citizens better than the citizens of their own country!

       World War II was over and the scale of mass human extermination sharply decreased. So, on the face of it the Russian people could relax and breathe again. In the "free" Sixties few were destroyed physically because it was very difficult to invent a plausible pretext for the mass elimination of the citizens of the country. In fact, they did not need to. The whole of the European part of the country lay in ruins; people had nowhere to live and almost nothing to eat, etc. Just this would be enough for any other people never to rise, but for the second time in the same century the people which everyone who feels like it defames, calling them lazy, dull, etc., raised Russia from the ashes.

Moreover, the restoration of the country took place in complete isolation which started with the beginning of the Cold War. Ordinary people denied themselves almost everything and reconstructed the country from nothing, still believing in the slogans of justice, fraternity and equality. They certainly did not know that as early as in the 6th century ancient Persians fell for the same "bait" being unaware what would come of that. And the result was catastrophic: the people of Persia had been thoroughly robbed and many of them eliminated physically; and they are still waiting for "justice, equality and fraternity"! There is only one conclusion which can be drawn from this: the social parasites succeed in cheating one people after another only due to the ignorance of the masses. Therefore the falsification of humanity’s real past is one of the main instruments in their arsenal to manipulate people!

Let me return to Russia. It would seem that now, when the country was more or less rehabilitated, the people of Russia could lead a tranquil life. Alas, chance would be a fine thing! When Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev (1894-1971) governed the country (1958-1964), the Bund-Bolshevists which a long time ago began to call themselves communists, finally finished off the country’s agriculture. The collective farmers were, in fact, slaves of the Soviet. The only thing that distinguished them from the prisoners in the concentration camps was the absence of the barbed wire around the farms. The Soviet power forbade the Village councils to issue passports to the farmers. Theoretically anyone could get a passport, but in fact few succeeded in doing that. The peasant-collective farmers were the most real slaves of the Soviet, as well as the rest of the population. But the city citizens had at least illusions of being free; the peasant-collective farmers did not have even that. Their payment for their hard work consisted of two parts. They got some money which was in fact pitiful peanuts, just enough to buy nails, kerosene, etc., in other words, the most basic things. The other part was natural products — corn, sunflower seeds, etc. They survived only because they had their own animals — cows, pigs, sheep, chicken, ducks, geese, and grew their own fruits and vegetables.

So, one fine day, which turned to be not so fine for many Russian peasants, Nikita Khrushchev declared that, on being minor proprietors, they must pay a money tax on everything — on each hen, duck, goose, not to mention sheep, pigs and cows. They also must pay for each bush of currant, raspberry, gooseberry, for each fruit-tree! But almost nobody had cash. Those few lucky men who by hook or by crook succeeded in getting passports were able to take their production to the cities and sell it at the market and, thus, pay the absurd tax, but the majority of peasants could not do that, because the police detained those without passports and returned them to their collective farms. As a result of this, they had to cut their fruit trees and bushes and slaughter their sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks and geese, because they had no money to pay the tax for each home animal. Few could allow themselves to keep a cow; the essential peasant’s help and hope for survival! Here was the result of the next "innovation" of Soviet power which in the Seventies led to the collective farmers beginning to buy everything in a rural shop, even bread, but until quite recently every homestead had baked its own bread.

I think everybody knows what takes place in Russian agriculture today: almost all farmsteads got into the banks’ financial slavery, because it is precisely banks that establish the purchase prices on foodstuff through their mediators-buyers. And those prices are so low that often the profit does not cover the production expenses. So, the farmers do not get a profit out of their labour and, moreover, are unable to pay off the bank credits! Nevertheless, the price which a consumer pays for foodstuff is several times higher than the purchase price that was paid. The enormous difference is accumulated in the pockets of social parasites. So, it is absolutely clear as to where the peasantry and agriculture is driven.

And now I would like to talk about other methods of people’s extermination which are not connected with their physical elimination, nevertheless, they are not less dangerous because of that. The elimination methods which cannot be immediately seen and detected are even more dangerous, because they are invisible — most people are unaware of what they are in reality. Let me start with alcoholism as one of the "oldest" invisible methods of killing people. Before Christianity was imposed on Russia people drank alcohol only in three cases — when a child was born, when the enemy was defeated and when somebody died. Besides, people drank very moderately: to get drunk on the occasion of death or birth was a generally unaccepted and reprehensible behaviour. Warriors allowed drinking a little more than was accepted only at feasts organized in honour of a victory over an enemy. But they drank mead which had very low alcohol content. Nobody drank anything else. The ethyl alcohol of the mead was structurally close to the ethyl alcohol which the human body produces as an intermediate product of the exchange processes and did not render such a destructive influence upon the human body like vodka and other strong spirits a great many of which are sold in modern shops.

Vodka appeared for the first time in the European part of Russia in 1428 and was immediately forbidden. It reappeared on Russian lands only in the middle of the 16th century and the first pub appeared in Moscow in the time of Ivan IV. It was the only one and was called "The Tsar’s pub". At the same time, if someone appeared drunk in a public place, he was fined and sent to prison to sober up.

It was only in the time of Peter I that vodka was spread everywhere.

In order to fill up the quickly emptying treasury, Peter I introduced a lot of taxes. It was he who brought vodka from Sweden and created the government vodka monopoly. Vodka was sold in state pubs, inns and at the road stations of horse changing. Before the Romanovs dynasty ruling drunkenness was a shameful vice in Russia. Exactly Peter I began to impose it in Russia, organizing a wide publicity campaign, imposing drunkenness at all levels of society and compelling people to drink too much exemplifying his "imperial" example. The vodka monopoly brought fabulous returns into the treasury, exactly what was necessary. The money that the treasury paid quickly returned back at minimum expense. In Soviet times the Bolshevists "improved" on Peter’s experience making vodka a "liquid currency" by means of which they robbed people, swindling them out of those pitiful kopecks which they paid as salary. But even in Peter’s time the content of alcohol in vodka was relatively low. The famous Petrovskaya vodka had only 14%.

So, the idea of unrestrained Russian drunkenness is the next lie and slander on Russian people! The active accustoming to heavy drinking by all possible means was carried out by the Bolshevists after the revolution of 1917, one of the principal reasons for which was that a person being under the effect of alcohol is easily managed by psi-influence, because alcohol destroys the natural defences of the human body!

But this is not all!

Alcohol does not destroy only the psychological and physical health of a drinking person, but also causes genetic changes. It is an established fact that an annual use of over 8 or 9 litres of ethyl alcohol per capita results in irreversible genetic changes! Today in modern Russia the annual consumption of ethyl alcohol per capita is more than 18 litres! Social parasites converted ethyl alcohol into a genetic weapon! The most terrible thing here is the fact that people being under the influence of neuro-linguistic programming "voluntarily" destroy themselves, the future of their children and the future of the nation as a whole!

But this also is not all!

         Drugs are actively distributed and imposed, mainly, on the young generation: drugs which kill not only the future of the nation, but its present!

This is not all yet!

All maternity hospitals in the Russian Federation are infected with the Staphylococcus aureus! When a new-born child starts breathing, the spores get into the spinal liquid through the nasopharynx during the first three days of life, whereupon the Staphylococcus infection starts affecting the human immune system. As a result, the latter weakens and a whole bunch of diseases of the urinary-genital system, lungs, heart, disruption of brain and hormonal system functioning, the loss of eyesight, etc. develops. Moreover, not only new-born children are infected with Staphylococcus in maternity hospitals but also everybody who visits other hospitals and clinics, because almost all medical establishments are infected with it too. The medical personnel know perfectly what Staphylococcus aureus is. They also know that if a maternity hospital is infected with it, nothing can destroy it, including ultraviolet treatment! Total demolition of the building is the only choice in this situation.

But there is more!

On destroying the national agriculture, social parasites persistently try to palm off on Russia, as well as on other countries, genetically modified organisms (GMO)! The food obtained from genetically modified plants and animals is the most real genetic weapon! It differs not at all in outward appearance from the normal one, and exactly here is where the danger is: bread looks like bread, meat — like meat, fruits and vegetables look even better than the usual ones. And there is no substantial difference in taste. But there is a very substantial difference at the genetic level. The chromosomes of the genetically modified organisms contain parts of other plants and animals, and not only theirs! These genetic changes in plants and animals seriously affect the human organism: they produce irreversible changes which result in complete sterility by the third generation!

Several months ago the US laboratories created such genetically modified organisms (GMO) the consumption of which now results in sterility in the first generation! In other words, if the modern young generation consumes food made of the new type of GMO, they all will be sterile! At that, the genetic weapon is developed so that GMF (genetically modified food) can result in the sterility of a certain nation or nationality. The social parasites impose on Russia precisely that!!!

Obviously they will never rest until they destroy Russian and other native people of Russia. They are terribly afraid of Russian people! Social parasites failed to realize the plan of the elimination of the Slavs, mostly Russians, during the World War II. I will remind that according to Hitler’s plan "Barbarossa" (Russian barbarian) fifty percent of the Slavs should be exterminated physically and the rest should be sterilized! Then the social parasites lost, although more than thirty million persons gave their lives in order to foil their plans.

But as we see now the social parasites did not give up the idea! However, now they do not have the possibility to eliminate Russian people physically and therefore they have turned to a genetic weapon, to its most mean variant — making food such a weapon. What a disgusting plan they nurture: first to create artificial famine, and then to come to the hungry children with genetically modified food as "rescuers" from death by hunger! It is especially revolting because neither hungry children nor their parents will even understand that such a food is mortal! But how one can persuade the mothers of hungry children of that, especially when there is no other food, and mortally dangerous food stuffs differ by nothing in outward appearance from the normal ones?!

There is even more!

Social parasites also try to destroy the people of Russia with the help of vaccination which allegedly protects from dangerous infections. At first mass media create mass psychosis, (all over the world too), and then compel people to vaccinate using different threats and playing on human fear!

A glaring example of that is the mass psychosis which was created about so-called swine flu. Note that before the "vaccination" there were no death cases because of this flu in Russia. People began to die only after it. It is of interest that the swine flu vaccine appeared almost simultaneously with the flu!

This is very surprising because the flu virus mutates twice a year and the development of a vaccine against each flu virus takes four or five years! In other words, while the scientists develop a vaccine against a certain culture of the flu virus, it has mutated eight or ten times, and the finally elaborated vaccine is useless. For this reason Russia has given up the development of anti-flu vaccines long ago. So, vaccination against flu is useless!

Now a question arises: how could the vaccine against swine flu appear almost simultaneously with it? The answer to this question is very simple: both the swine flu culture and the vaccine against it were developed in laboratories, and then the virus was set free! The bacteriological laboratories which I mentioned are situated in Los Angeles, USA and the virus was released in Mexico and very quickly got back to the USA. As soon as the virus was released the mass media of the USA and European countries began to create mass hysteria on this occasion.

Why would they do that?

Certainly, it could not be done without the financial interest of the pharmacological monsters. It is not the first time they have created new illnesses in their laboratories and then set them free into the world to make people pay for the vaccination and medications which appear as if by "magic" in their laboratories. However, the picture is considerably worse in the case of the swine flu. This kind of psychosis has been never created in the mass media, despite pharmacological monsters doing their dirty business for decades.

So, what is the matter?

And the matter is that in this case it is not "swine flu " which is dangerous, but the vaccine against it! The mass psychosis was created in all mass media in order to force people to vaccinate, because it is precisely the vaccine which is dangerous for people, because it carries within it a genetically changed virus which on getting into the human body causes sterility and a number of other diseases. So, the vaccination is another weapon of mass destruction, the next type of invisible genocide!

Certainly, some counter-measures are taken against that, however, not at the level of governments. There are methods of opposition to the actions of social parasites, and there is confidence that they will be effective in the fight against visible and invisible genocides, but if people will submit to the provocations, inevitably there will be victims. Social parasites failed to get the desired result using "bird flu", although it also was a "product" of the military biological laboratories, just as "swine flu" is. However, despite the mass psychosis which the parasites created, the number of dead in Russia (as well as in the rest of the world) after the vaccination is relatively small and the pseudo-epidemic has not turned into the pandemic of which the social parasites dreamed so much. But this does not mean that everything is now all right and one need not worry about anything. Social parasites continue to create artificial hunger in Russia, in order to destroy Russian and other native people of Russia through genetically dangerous food. They will not rest while the Russian people exist and the Russian spirit soars over the planet!

Certainly, counteraction to them has always existed, and due exactly to that resistance social parasites have failed to destroy Russian and other native people of Russia, despite the enormous human losses. In the last twenty five years the Light Forces have succeeded in seriously pressing the Dark Forces’ servants. They were continuously beaten and suffered numerous defeats at many levels, but are still strong. On feeling the final defeat approaching, social parasites started acting without any of the masks with which they have covered themselves for millennia.

On September 19, 2009 social parasites began their last war in which they are doomed to be defeated. However, it does not mean that we can relax. Even a hare driven into a corner becomes dangerous. But this last war of the Light and Dark Forces went out to a level which is unattainable for the Dark! They know and understand that and that is why they are prepared to say farewell "slamming the door" so that the whole world will shudder! However, they will not be allowed to "slam the door" and they have felt it already. But in order for Russians and other native people of Russia to throw off their slavery, people must wake up. They must wake up the genetic memory of our ancestors and wash out the slave philosophy which has been imposed to us for a thousand years. It is time to wake up if we do not want that the sleep became eternal!

Nicolai Levashov,
November 22, 2009
Translation: Elena Lyubimova
Edited by Irene Stillwell
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[4] A bear, the literal translation of the Russian word is "knows where honey is".
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  4. 4. The Time of Three Moons. Initially our planet had 2 moons – Lelia and Mesiatz (the one which we still have), but 142 999 years ago the Light drove there the third moon, Fatta, which belonged to the destroyed by the Dark planet Deia (which was between Mars and Jupiter).
  5. 5. The Time of Three Suns. 604 383 years ago, our Galaxy approached another one so that the two solar system came very close to each other and it was possible to observe two giant Suns, silver and green, simultaneously with our Sun in Midgard-earth’ sky. (E.L.)
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